Europe’s Sleep Duration Map

This map of Europe shows the average sleep time of each country, where such data is available. Finland and the Netherlands get the most sleep in Europe. On average, the Finnish and the Dutch have a sleep time of 7 hours and 37 minutes. The United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland also have an average of … Read more

World’s Highest Performing Healthcare Systems

This world map depicts the countries that have the best- and worst-performing healthcare systems, as ranked by the World Health Organization. The countries deemed as having the best healthcare sector are shaded in dark blue. These include a number of countries in Europe, some island nations off the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as … Read more

Vegetarianism in India Map

This is a map of India indicating the states that have more vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Six Indian states have a population that is mostly vegetarian: Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. The rest of India is actually non-vegetarian, with around 70 percent of the population, according to data gathered by ED Times. … Read more

Europe Map: Europe’s Trust in Healthcare Workers

This map of Europe shows the share of each country’s population who believe in their doctors and nurses. Data gathered by Our World in Data shows that Norway has the most trust in their healthcare workers, at 98.2 percent. Most European nations approve of their frontline health workers. The lowest approval rating comes from Albania, … Read more

Europe’s Obesity Prevalence Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s prevalence of obesity among its adult population. An obese person is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more. Turkey is the European nation where obese adults are most dominant, with over 32 percent of Turkish adults are obese.  Seven countries have a … Read more

Europe’s Face Mask Usage Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s compliance of using face masks during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The wearing of face masks is one of the ways to prevent the transmission of diseases such as COVID-19. Italy has the highest face mask usage in Europe. This is understandable as they are one of … Read more

Europe’s Annual Tea Consumption Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s annual tea consumption per capita. Turkey is the top tea-consuming nation in Europe, taking an average of 4 kilograms of tea for each person every year. The United Kingdom and Ireland are not too far behind, with a yearly average consumption of about 3 kg. The … Read more

Global Sugar Consumption Per Capita Map

This world map shows each country’s average sugar consumption per capita (i.e. per person). Sugar consumers are quite high in many countries, especially in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.  The International Sugar Organization reported in 2018 that in terms of million metric tonnes, India is the largest sugar-producing country, the largest sugar-consuming … Read more

Global Air Pollution Map

This cartogram depicts the amount of air pollution in some of the featured countries. The cartogram is presented based on the population of each area that is exposed to low or high pollution levels. The most polluted countries all come from Asia and Africa. Citing data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Visual Capitalist notes … Read more