Brazil Population Density Map

Shown above is the map of Brazil and how dense the population is in each city, as illustrated by Visual Capitalist based on the country’s population data from WorldPop, among others. Green spikes on the map mark each city’s population density. This means that an area has a high population density if it has tall … Read more

A “World Tour” Map: Where Do Musicians Usually Go To?

This world map shows where musicians usually perform whenever they announce a “world tour”, based on the map maker’s analysis of more than 300 concerts from over 200 singers and bands. After listening to your favorite music through your preferred music player or app (such as Spotify), you pretty much want to see these singers … Read more

Sri Lanka Topography Map

The map above is that of Sri Lanka, an island country in Asia with over 21.6 million inhabitants. Fast Topographic Facts About Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, which was formerly known as Ceylon, is part of the wider Indian subcontinent. Its land area is around 25,000 square miles (about 64,000 square kilometers). The capital city, Colombo, … Read more

U.S. Work Transportation Map

This map of the United States shows the most common transportation method for workers in each American county in the year 2019. What Is The Most Commonly Used Work Transportation In The United States? In 2019, personal vehicles were the most common mode of transportation in the United States. More than one-third of survey respondents … Read more

World Flood Risk Map

The above map of the world shows how floods can be devastating to the population of each country.  The Countries With The Highest Flood Risk This study of 188 countries published by Nature Communications, as visualized by the business website Visual Capitalist, lists two categories:  Countries exposed to floods ranked by the percentage of the … Read more

England “Dinner” Vs. “Tea” Map

The map above is that of England, one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom (UK). It shows how English people refer to their final meal of the day: “dinner” or “tea”. It should be noted that the word “tea” in this context refers to a meal, as in “afternoon tea” or “high tea”, … Read more

Europe Egg Consumption Map

The map of Europe shown above depicts how much the continent consumes eggs as food. This accounts for all types of bird eggs, as well as eggs being included as ingredients in other food products. A vast majority of these countries consume at least 130 eggs per capita each year, according to the United Nations … Read more

Tea Consumption In Asia Map

This map of Asia shows how much tea is consumed annually by each of the continent’s countries. Data from Statista reveals that in Asia, Turkey (now known as Türkiye) is the country with the highest yearly tea consumption per capita, at 3.16 kilograms (kg). It is also the leading country in the world in terms … Read more