Europe Egg Consumption Map

The map of Europe shown above depicts how much the continent consumes eggs as food. This accounts for all types of bird eggs, as well as eggs being included as ingredients in other food products. A vast majority of these countries consume at least 130 eggs per capita each year, according to the United Nations … Read more

Europe’s Sleep Duration Map

This map of Europe shows the average sleep time of each country, where such data is available. Finland and the Netherlands get the most sleep in Europe. On average, the Finnish and the Dutch have a sleep time of 7 hours and 37 minutes. The United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland also have an average of … Read more

European Alps Mountain Range Map

This is a map of the Alps mountain range in Europe. The Alps pass through eight nations in Europe: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Mont Blanc is the Alps’ highest point. Shared between France, Italy, and Switzerland, its peak is at 15,780 feet (4,810 meters). You may also like: The Alps: … Read more

Europe Map: Europe’s Trust in Healthcare Workers

This map of Europe shows the share of each country’s population who believe in their doctors and nurses. Data gathered by Our World in Data shows that Norway has the most trust in their healthcare workers, at 98.2 percent. Most European nations approve of their frontline health workers. The lowest approval rating comes from Albania, … Read more

Europe’s Most Produced Agricultural Products

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s largest agricultural products. The most popular European produce is milk, with 22 European nations making it the most. Six countries offer the most corn, and four nations cultivate the most wheat. Three nations – Spain, Denmark, and Malta – have pork as their top agricultural contribution. … Read more

Europe’s Obesity Prevalence Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s prevalence of obesity among its adult population. An obese person is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more. Turkey is the European nation where obese adults are most dominant, with over 32 percent of Turkish adults are obese.  Seven countries have a … Read more

Europe’s Face Mask Usage Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s compliance of using face masks during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The wearing of face masks is one of the ways to prevent the transmission of diseases such as COVID-19. Italy has the highest face mask usage in Europe. This is understandable as they are one of … Read more

The Second-Most Useful Foreign Languages in Europe

This map of Europe shows each country’s preferred second language, i.e. one that isn’t their native language. This is based on data gathered by the European Commission. Out of the countries that were surveyed, 12 of them love German as their second language. Seven nations prefer French, five use Russian, and two chose Spanish as … Read more

Europe’s Bicycle Population Map

This map of Europe shows how many of each country’s population uses bicycles as a mode of transportation, based on data gathered by the European Commission. Among those with reported data, the Netherlands is the most bike-friendly country in Europe. 36 percent of Dutch people who responded to the survey say use bikes regularly. Denmark … Read more

Europe’s Annual Tea Consumption Map

This is a map of Europe detailing each country’s annual tea consumption per capita. Turkey is the top tea-consuming nation in Europe, taking an average of 4 kilograms of tea for each person every year. The United Kingdom and Ireland are not too far behind, with a yearly average consumption of about 3 kg. The … Read more