Skyscrapers of Europe

This is a map of Europe depicting its countries and cities that have skyscrapers. The Russian capital city of Moscow is the European city with the most number of high buildings, at 52. The tallest skyscraper in Europe is also in Russia: the Laktha Center in St. Petersburg, with a height of 462 meters (1,516 … Read more

Europe’s Funding of Public Broadcasters Map

This is a map of Europe. Each country is colored according to how their public broadcasting companies are funded and maintained. Sixteen countries have public media that operate with the help of a television license, which is paid for by the public. Most countries’ public broadcasters are also supported with advertisements on top of the … Read more

Europe’s English Proficiency Map

Shown above is a map of Europe relative to each country’s English proficiency, based on data from the Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) that lists the English command of countries whose main language is not English. The United Kingdom and Ireland are both under the “very high” rating (marked in green) because English … Read more

Roman Empire Roads Map

Shown above is a map of what was the Holy Roman Empire that is retold as if it were a large railway network. The Roman Empire comprises most of southern Europe, as well as Britain, northern Africa, and western Asia. According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, the trade of different materials, including food, animal by-products, and … Read more

Mediterranean Sea Map: The Atlantropa Project

This is a map of the Mediterranean Sea, located within southern Europe, northern Africa, and Western Asia. The highlighted portions on the map depict the additional land space of what was supposed to be the Atlantropa project proposed in the first half of the 20th century. Atlantropa was proposed by German architect Herman Sörgel in … Read more

Iron Curtain Map

This map above is Europe at a time of political and ideological divide in much of the 20th century. The so-called Iron Curtain was formed by the former Soviet Union (marked on the map in red) when the Second World War ended in order to separate itself and its dependent partner states from the western … Read more

Cat Ownership in Europe

The map above is that of Europe. Each country in the map is highlighted relative to its cat ownership, indicated by the percentage of households owning at least one cat. As indicated on the map, Russia (in black) is the most cat-friendly nation in all of Europe, with 50 to 54 percent of homes keeping … Read more

Constantinople Map: Ancient Byzantine Empire

The illustration above is the city map of ancient Constantinople.  The city was named after Constantine, the first emperor to welcome Christianity in the Roman Empire. It was the capital of the ancient nation of Byzantium, part of the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. The empire occupied much of southeastern Europe … Read more

Ancient City of Carthage Map: Forgotten Roman Land

The artist’s illustration shown above is a bird’s eye view of the ancient Roman city of Carthage. This city existed during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire and was part of the larger Carthaginian Empire. The ancient city is now located in present-day Tunisia in northern Africa. This city was founded by ancient Phoenicians … Read more

Regions of Europe: Continent Map & Geography

The map above shows the geographical regions of Europe. This map is known as a geopolitical map. It shows the legal borders set by every country. First, the northern European region, marked in blue. Eight countries comprise this region. These include: Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Denmark Denmark has a territory named Greenland. … Read more