Global Sugar Consumption Per Capita Map

Map by Reddit user MusicalDecomposition

This world map shows each country’s average sugar consumption per capita (i.e. per person).

Sugar consumers are quite high in many countries, especially in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East. 

The International Sugar Organization reported in 2018 that in terms of million metric tonnes, India is the largest sugar-producing country, the largest sugar-consuming country, and the largest producer of cane sugar.

A 2015 OECD-FAO report shows that Brazil has the highest sugar consumption per individual in the developing world at 67.3 kilograms, and will continue to be so in the year 2024. It also reveals that among developed countries, New Zealand has the most sugar users per person, at 48.4 kg. By 2024, they are to be overtaken by South Africa, with a projected consumption of 57 kilos of sugar per individual. 

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