Global Paid Vacations Map

Map by Reddit user fasterthanksi

This world map shows each country’s number of government-mandated paid vacation time for workers.

Apparently, paid time off is aplenty in South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Many of these countries have at least 16 days of mandated off time to as much as a whole month.

Data compiled by USA Today show that 14 countries allow their workers a maximum of 30 days of paid leave, with most of these countries in Africa. 

The country that has this privilege and has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is France, at $41,463. Neighboring Spain has the highest unemployment rate among those with a 30-day mandatory leave, with 14.2 percent of adults having no work. The African country Niger has both the lowest GDP per capita ($412) and unemployment rate (0.3%).

Comparatively, the United States has no mandatory time off for workers. This perk is dependent on their employers and how long they have worked for their company.

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