North America in 1830 Map

Map by Drunk Propagandist

This is an illustrated map of North America and its land borders in the year 1830.

During that part of the 19th century, the United States of America only spanned what is today’s central and eastern areas. Canada, meanwhile, was a territory of Britain at the time and wasn’t officially given its name until three decades later. 

In addition, both the U.S. and the former British colony shared territorial rights in a few areas, marked on the map by black and red stripes.

The area that now comprises the U.S. state of Alaska and parts of western Canada was once known as Russian America, given that the Russians lived in that area back then.

The United Mexican States, or Mexico for short, had a larger area back in 1830. Their scope once included today’s southern U.S. area, which now includes the states of California and Texas, among others.

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