U.S. Most and Least Bike-Friendly Cities Map

Map by Tower Electric Bikes

This is a map of the United States detailing which cities are best and worst for people who use bicycles.

The city of Crested Butte in Colorado is the most bike-friendly U.S. city. It scored the highest in the Bike Network Analysis Score (88.1) and Total Bike Friendliness Score (320.33). It is also one of ten cities in the top 25 with no bike-related deaths per 10,000 people. 

California is the U.S. state with the most bike-friendly cities, with seven of its cities listed in the top 25. Ranking second, the city of Stanford has the most people that use bikes to commute, at 60 percent. At number seven is Santa Monica city, which has the highest number of bike users who use them for recreational purposes, at 27.6 percent.

It is also in the Golden State where the worst city for bikes is found: Los Angeles. It has the least Total Bike Friendliness Score at 86.36 and has the highest bike fatality rate at 15.6. Meanwhile, the city of Gary, Indiana ranks the lowest in the Bike Network Analysis Score with a grade of 4. Six cities in Texas are listed in the bottom 25, making it the U.S. state with the most cities that are undesirable for bikers.

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