Seafood Consumption in Asia Map

This map of Asia features each country’s seafood consumption in kilograms per capita (kg pc). The data is based on reports from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The Asian country with the highest seafood consumption is the Maldives. Situated within the Indian Ocean, the island group has consumed 85 kg pc of seafood, … Read more

Global Life Expectancy Map

This world map shows the life expectancy of every country. Countries marked in shades of green have high life expectancies, while those in the warm colors (shades of red) have low life spans. Life expectancy is high in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. On the other hand, it is low in some parts of Asia … Read more

U.S. Youngest and Oldest Areas Map

This is a map of the United States. Each county is marked according to its dominant demographic or age group, according to data by the U.S. census.  Areas with a prominent population under the age of 35 are marked in brown. Those with a mostly older population, i.e. 65 years old and above, are marked … Read more

U.S. Life Expectancy Map

Shown above is a map of the United States. Each U.S. state is highlighted in relation to its average life expectancy. The states marked in shades of blue represent longer lifespans at over 80 years of age. The ones colored in white have the national average lifespan of 79, and those with warm colors (yellow, … Read more