Asia’s Skyscrapers Map

This is a map of Asia detailing the number of skyscrapers in every country. With over 3,400 skyscrapers, mainland China has the most high-rise buildings in Asia. In fact, half of the top ten Asian cities with the most skyscrapers are found in China, led by the city of Shenzhen. It is also in Asia … Read more

Indian Subcontinent Relief Map

This is a map of the Indian subcontinent, located in South Asia. The subcontinent comprises six countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Most of the subcontinent is mountainous, especially in the northern region and most of India. The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is also located here. Britannica notes that the peak … Read more

Countries That Took In the Most Rohingya Refugees

This is a map of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. It shows the countries that housed the most Rohingya refugees. World Vision defines the Rohingya people as “a mostly-Muslim ethnic minority group in Myanmar”, but are considered stateless as they were not recognized as one of the country’s ethnic groups. The UNHCR added that the Rohingya … Read more

English Proficiency in Asia Map

This map of Asia shows how each country fares when it comes to English proficiency. The rankings are based on the 2020 English Proficiency Index published by Education First. The only Asian nation with a “very high” score, Singapore earned 611 points, making them the leading English-speaking Asian country and 10th in the world. Scoring … Read more

Hand-Drawn Map of Asia, c. 1910s

This is a hand-drawn map of Asia from the 1910s. It was made at a very young age by the great-grandfather of Reddit user u/zherper. It is apparent in this map that in the early 20th century, the jurisdictions of each country are quite different from their present-day equivalents, especially in the continent’s mainland. For … Read more

Seafood Consumption in Asia Map

This map of Asia features each country’s seafood consumption in kilograms per capita (kg pc). The data is based on reports from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The Asian country with the highest seafood consumption is the Maldives. Situated within the Indian Ocean, the island group has consumed 85 kg pc of seafood, … Read more