Hand-Drawn Map of Africa, c. 1910s

This is a map of Africa during the 1910s, hand-drawn at a young age by the great-grandfather of Reddit user u/zherper. The continent’s border lines differ greatly from today’s Africa, especially in the western, eastern, and southern parts. The vast lands that comprise these sections are now divided into several countries in the present day. … Read more

Hand-Drawn Map of Asia, c. 1910s

This is a hand-drawn map of Asia from the 1910s. It was made at a very young age by the great-grandfather of Reddit user u/zherper. It is apparent in this map that in the early 20th century, the jurisdictions of each country are quite different from their present-day equivalents, especially in the continent’s mainland. For … Read more

Europe’s Funding of Public Broadcasters Map

This is a map of Europe. Each country is colored according to how their public broadcasting companies are funded and maintained. Sixteen countries have public media that operate with the help of a television license, which is paid for by the public. Most countries’ public broadcasters are also supported with advertisements on top of the … Read more

Antarctica Without Ice Map

This is a map of Antarctica and how it would look like without the layers of ice covering it. Upon taking a closer look, there is an outline that reveals present-day Antarctica, which is located in the South Pole. Hypothetically, Antarctica without ice will reveal several layers of landmass. Besides the map above, there have … Read more

World’s Happiest Countries Map

The world map shown above depicts the happiness level of every country. The data on the happiness map is based on the annual World Happiness Report (WHR), which takes into account different factors in determining a country’s rank, including its gross domestic product, overall health, social support, and freedoms. Finland is the happiest country in … Read more

Roman Empire Roads Map

Shown above is a map of what was the Holy Roman Empire that is retold as if it were a large railway network. The Roman Empire comprises most of southern Europe, as well as Britain, northern Africa, and western Asia. According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, the trade of different materials, including food, animal by-products, and … Read more

Moose Population in North America

Shown above is a map of both Canada and the mainland United States corresponding to each country’s population of moose. The green colors represent less of them in a particular area, and the places with “warm” colors (i.e. yellow, orange, and red) have more of these wild animals. The areas marked in red have a … Read more

Mediterranean Sea Map: The Atlantropa Project

This is a map of the Mediterranean Sea, located within southern Europe, northern Africa, and Western Asia. The highlighted portions on the map depict the additional land space of what was supposed to be the Atlantropa project proposed in the first half of the 20th century. Atlantropa was proposed by German architect Herman Sörgel in … Read more

U.S. & Canada Demonyms Map

Map by HM Elza This map of the United States above shows the demonyms of each state. A demonym is a name used to identify the people living in a certain place. A majority of U.S. states, 31 to be exact, use the -a or -an suffix in naming their residents. Eight states adopt the … Read more

Iron Curtain Map

This map above is Europe at a time of political and ideological divide in much of the 20th century. The so-called Iron Curtain was formed by the former Soviet Union (marked on the map in red) when the Second World War ended in order to separate itself and its dependent partner states from the western … Read more