U.S. & Canada Demonyms Map

Map by HM Elza

This map of the United States above shows the demonyms of each state. A demonym is a name used to identify the people living in a certain place.

A majority of U.S. states, 31 to be exact, use the -a or -an suffix in naming their residents.

Eight states adopt the -ian suffix for those who live in their respective communities:

  • Washington: Washingtonian
  • Oregon: Oregonian
  • Louisiana: Louisianian
  • Kentucky: Kentuckian
  • Alabama: Alabamian
  • Florida: Floridian
  • North Carolina: North Carolinian
  • South Carolina: South Carolinian

There are also eight U.S. state demonyms that apply the -r or -er suffix:

  • Michigan: Michigander
  • Indiana: Hoosier
  • New York: New Yorker
  • Maryland: Marylander
  • Vermont: Vermonter
  • Maine: Mainer
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Islander
  • Maryland: Marylander

Wait, why are the people of Indiana called Hoosiers? The name dates back to the 19th century, from when Indiana became a U.S. state in 1816. Hoosier as the state’s demonym was officially recognized by the U.S. government in 2017.

Lastly, there are three states whose people don the -ite suffix for their name:

  • Wyoming: Wyomingite
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsinite
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshirite

Canada Demonyms Map

Map by Vivid Maps

This is a map of Canada, and how each province calls its natives in the English language.

Six provinces have their demonyms end in -ian:

  • Northwest Territories: Northwest Territorian
  • British Columbia: British Columbian
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatchewanian
  • Ontario: Ontarian
  • Nova Scotia: Nova Scotian
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Labradorian

Meanwhile, four provinces adopt the -er suffix for their locals’ names:

  • Yukon: Yukoner
  • New Brunswick: New Brunswicker
  • Prince Edward Island: Islander
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Newfoundlander

The -an suffix is used for the residents of two provinces:

  • Alberta: Albertan
  • Manitoba: Manitoban
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Finally, the English demonyms of two provinces are the same as that of their French names:

  • Quebec: Quebecois
  • Nunavut: Nunavummiuq

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