U.S. Spoken Languages Map

Map by Reddit user JackForReddit06

This map of the United States shows how many spoken languages are used by at least one percent of the population of each state and territory.

More than 30 states, in addition to the territory of Puerto Rico, speak English and Spanish exclusively. In fact, both languages are the top two languages that are most spoken in the country. English has over 254 million speakers, and Spanish 43 million, according to Babbel.

Cudoo notes that a number of Asian and European languages are also widely spoken in the States, having at least one million native speakers each.

With a vast Asian-American community, the state of Hawaii boasts seven tongues. Besides English and Spanish, the Aloha State is also home to four languages: Chinese, Tagalog (Filipino), Korean, and Japanese, as well as the native Hawaiian language.

Meanwhile, the state of Maine and three U.S. territories do not have enough Spanish speakers, at just less than one percent.

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