World’s Most Spoken Languages Map

This illustrated world map shows the most commonly spoken languages in major parts of the world. English is the most spoken language, with over 1 billion users. However, Babbel notes that English only ranks third in terms of native speakers (over 370 million people), but is the most-used as a second language (over 750 million … Read more

The Second-Most Useful Foreign Languages in Europe

This map of Europe shows each country’s preferred second language, i.e. one that isn’t their native language. This is based on data gathered by the European Commission. Out of the countries that were surveyed, 12 of them love German as their second language. Seven nations prefer French, five use Russian, and two chose Spanish as … Read more

U.S. Spoken Languages Map

This map of the United States shows how many spoken languages are used by at least one percent of the population of each state and territory. More than 30 states, in addition to the territory of Puerto Rico, speak English and Spanish exclusively. In fact, both languages are the top two languages that are most … Read more

English Proficiency in Asia Map

This map of Asia shows how each country fares when it comes to English proficiency. The rankings are based on the 2020 English Proficiency Index published by Education First. The only Asian nation with a “very high” score, Singapore earned 611 points, making them the leading English-speaking Asian country and 10th in the world. Scoring … Read more

Language Map of China

This is a map of the People’s Republic of China. Each region is determined according to its dominant language or dialect. According to Day Translations, there are just over 300 languages spoken in the country. These are divided into a number of main language groups, which in turn have many different dialects each. Among the … Read more

Europe’s English Proficiency Map

Shown above is a map of Europe relative to each country’s English proficiency, based on data from the Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) that lists the English command of countries whose main language is not English. The United Kingdom and Ireland are both under the “very high” rating (marked in green) because English … Read more

Languages of Switzerland

Shown above is the language map of Switzerland. Here, the country is distributed by four areas that are each corresponding to its four official languages. German is the language that is most used by the Swiss; 72% of the population are native German speakers. This language is used in the cities of Zürich, the nation’s … Read more