Language Map of China

Map by Reddit user marofendre

This is a map of the People’s Republic of China. Each region is determined according to its dominant language or dialect.

According to Day Translations, there are just over 300 languages spoken in the country. These are divided into a number of main language groups, which in turn have many different dialects each.

Among the main language groups, Mandarin is the most widely spoken. Also known as Putonghua, meaning common language or speech, it has over 900 million speakers around the country, notes Babbel. Not only is it the most spoken in China, but it is also the most spoken language in the world, with a total of 1.1 billion people using it globally.

Babbel lists the other major language groups in China:

  • Cantonese/Yue
  • Gan
  • Hakka
  • Min
  • Wu/Shanghainese
  • Xiang/Hunanese

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