China’s Trading Partners Maps

The maps below illustrate the largest trading partners of the People’s Republic of China. These only show countries that have an import, export, or trade balance of US$1 billion or more.

China’s Biggest Imports

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South Korea is the biggest importer in China, having sent $203 billion worth of imported products to the mainland. It is one of six countries that have delivered imports of at least $100 billion, along with Japan, Taiwan (Republic of China), the United States, Germany, and Australia.

Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Russia also have a sizable number of imports, having contributed at least $50 billion worth of them.

China’s Biggest Exports

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China has sent their products the most to the United States, as the former exported $481 billion worth of products to the latter. The mainland has exported $100 billion dollars or more as well to Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Six countries received at least $50 billion dollars’ worth of Chinese products.

China’s Biggest Trade Deficits and Surpluses

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When both import and export values are considered, each country has a trade balance. If the country has recorded more imports than exports, then there is a trade deficit (pink). Conversely, a trade surplus (blue) occurs when there are more exports than imports in a country.

Taiwan has the biggest trade deficit with China at $128 billion. The United States, meanwhile, has the largest trade surplus amounting to $324 billion.

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