Apple Music vs. Spotify: The Cheaper Option in Each Country

Map by SavingSpot

This world map shows whether Apple Music or Spotify Premium is the cheaper subscription-based music streaming option in each country. Besides the actual subscription cost, SavingSpot also considered each country’s standard of living and average monthly salary.

Countries shaded in red mean Apple Music is cheaper there, and blue if Spotify Premium is more affordable. If a country offers the same price in both streaming apps, it is marked in yellow.

The dollar values denote the price difference between each service in their equivalents in U.S. dollars; otherwise, only either Apple Music or Spotify is available there, but not both.

Apple Music is the cheaper or sole option in most of Asia, Africa, and South America. On the other hand, it is Spotify Premium that is more affordable or the only choice in Oceania, most of Europe, eastern Asia, and a few countries in the Americas. Both streaming services cost the same in more than a dozen countries, including the United States.

Costa Rica has the highest price difference between both services, as Apple Music costs $3 cheaper than Spotify. Vietnam has the lowest price disparity due to Spotify being just $0.01 more affordable there than Apple Music.

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