Global Video Gaming Market Map

This world map depicts the state of the global video gaming market in 2019, based on a report published by Newzoo. In that year, the United States and China made up half of the world’s gaming industry revenue. The U.S. leads as the country with the most earning at US$36.9 million. China comes in second … Read more

Apple Music vs. Spotify: The Cheaper Option in Each Country

This world map shows whether Apple Music or Spotify Premium is the cheaper subscription-based music streaming option in each country. Besides the actual subscription cost, SavingSpot also considered each country’s standard of living and average monthly salary. Countries shaded in red mean Apple Music is cheaper there, and blue if Spotify Premium is more affordable. … Read more

Every Country Visited by The Simpsons

This world map features each country that was visited by the fictional family, The Simpsons. Since their television debut in 1989, they have visited 23 sovereign countries across all seven continents, including one visit to Antarctica. The country that they visited the most is neighboring Canada. The country known as the Great White North has … Read more