Global Sexual Orientation Laws Map

Map by ILGA World

This world map shows how each country treats its own LGBTQ+ community by way of legislation if there are any. 

Countries marked in shades of blue have laws of varying degrees that protect the community from being discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE). Additionally, some of these countries mandate marriages, unions, and/or adoptions for same-sex couples, indicated by green icons.

Those marked in shades of red have laws that punish sexual activity between consenting same-sex couples, with some preventing the community from freely expressing and/or forming civil society organizations, indicated by red icons. Nations marked in beige do not have laws regulating the behavior of the LGBTQ+ community.

Countries that support the LGBTQ+ community through encouraging regulations mostly come from Europe, Oceania, and both Americas. Several African and Middle Eastern nations criminalize same-sex sexual acts. Most countries in Asia have no laws regarding the behavior of the community, but some of them have legal barriers regarding their rights to free speech and organization.

These books detail how this community struggled and triumphed fighting for their rights:

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