U.S. Hottest Days Map

Map by Malcolm Tunnell (Reddit: u/malxredleader)

This United States map indicates every state and territory, with each recording its own hottest dates and temperatures.

California’s Death Valley logged the hottest temperature in America. On July 10, 1953, the area recorded a scorching 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius), which is about half more than a person’s normal body temperature. Its neighboring Arizona is the only other state with a record high temperature of more than 125 F (52 C), and five more states have their hottest in the 120 F (49 C) range.

Ten areas, including five U.S. states, have their highest record temp at less than or equal to 105 deg. F (41 deg. C), the warmest range in this chart. Puunene, Hawaii has the lowest temperature among all those recorded, at just 98 F (37.2 C), comparable to a borderline normal human body temperature.

July 20, 2019 is the most recent hottest day on record, when the John Martin Reservoir in Colorado registered a piping hot 115 deg. F (46 deg. C). July 4, 1911 – Independence Day – is the earliest date on the map, when both neighboring Vermont and New Hampshire registered their record high temperatures one degree apart from each other.  

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