Europe’s English Proficiency Map

Map by Diverse Travel (Reddit: u/DiverseTravel)

Shown above is a map of Europe relative to each country’s English proficiency, based on data from the Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) that lists the English command of countries whose main language is not English.

The United Kingdom and Ireland are both under the “very high” rating (marked in green) because English is their dominant language. 

Thirteen more countries also belong to the “very high” classification. One of them is the Netherlands, which ranks first in the global EPI list. In fact, in the “very high” global list, all but two countries are European.

A majority of European countries have a “high” command of English (yellow) – 16 to be exact. Ten nations fall under the “moderate” comprehension rank (tan).

Four countries – Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, and Andorra – are listed under the “low” proficiency rating (red).

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