Seafood Consumption in Asia Map

Map by Landgeist

This map of Asia features each country’s seafood consumption in kilograms per capita (kg pc). The data is based on reports from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

The Asian country with the highest seafood consumption is the Maldives. Situated within the Indian Ocean, the island group has consumed 85 kg pc of seafood, which is also the second-highest in the world.

The special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau are second and third on the list, respectively, with citizens eating seafood at 65 and 60 kg pc.

Malaysia and South Korea both have 57 kg consumption of seafood each. Other countries that have consumed high amounts of seafood include Myanmar, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.

It is evident in the map that eastern Asia consumes more seafood than western Asia.

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