U.S. Youngest and Oldest Areas Map

Map by Landgeist

This is a map of the United States. Each county is marked according to its dominant demographic or age group, according to data by the U.S. census. 

Areas with a prominent population under the age of 35 are marked in brown. Those with a mostly older population, i.e. 65 years old and above, are marked in blue.

Counties with either demographic are scattered throughout the country. The youngest county in America is Chattahoochee County, Georgia, with 75 percent of people aged 35 or younger. Sumter County in Florida is the oldest county, with 58 percent of residents in the senior citizen age.

U.S. News reports that the state with the youngest population is Utah, having a median age of 31. By comparison, Maine has a median age of 45, making it the state with the oldest population, as noted by Insurify.

These books provide perspectives on how it’s like living in a certain age group:

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