Height = Country Population

This global map shows every country corresponding to their population, where the larger the country’s population, the taller they are on the map. The latest data from the United States (US) Census Bureau states that there are over 7.7 billion people living in the world today. The country that appears the tallest on the map … Read more

Prefectures Map of Japan

Shown above is the Japan prefecture map. It is a map of Japan that is separated by regions which, in turn, are separated by prefectures. Prefectures are similar to provinces or states in other countries.  The East Asian country’s prefectures are marked on the map by symbols and emblems. Reddit user u/chaosof99 notes that most … Read more

Lactose Intolerance Map: Population Percentage & Rates

The map above shows how lactose intolerance (LI) is prevalent among countries across the world. Lactose intolerance occurs when your body doesn’t accept lactose, a substance commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. Its symptoms usually manifest from a few hours after consuming dairy products. Dairy intolerance is highly commonplace in Asia … Read more

Constantinople Map: Ancient Byzantine Empire

The illustration above is the city map of ancient Constantinople.  The city was named after Constantine, the first emperor to welcome Christianity in the Roman Empire. It was the capital of the ancient nation of Byzantium, part of the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. The empire occupied much of southeastern Europe … Read more

Ancient City of Carthage Map: Forgotten Roman Land

The artist’s illustration shown above is a bird’s eye view of the ancient Roman city of Carthage. This city existed during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire and was part of the larger Carthaginian Empire. The ancient city is now located in present-day Tunisia in northern Africa. This city was founded by ancient Phoenicians … Read more

East & West Germany Map: Berlin Wall Border Division

  The map above shows the division of Germany. For many decades, the country was divided into two: East and West Germany. The two were separated through an impassable border named the Iron Curtain. East Germany, known officially as the German Democratic Republic (GDR), was formed in 1949 under the rule of the communist Soviet … Read more

Native American Tribes Map: Indigenous Peoples USA

The map above shows how indigenous American tribes were distributed throughout North America and parts of the Caribbean.  These indigenous peoples (IPs), with 86 tribes in total, are spread in 11 regions throughout the continent.  The Eskimo is the sole tribe in the Arctic region, located in the extreme north of present-day Canada and the … Read more

British Empire Map: 1921 Colonial Peak

  The above map shows the peak of British imperialism in the early 1920s. It shows the colonies owned by the British. The British Empire is considered one of the largest that ever existed. The British colonies in the Americas, both North and South, include: Canada (including Newfoundland) Bermuda island Bahama islands British West Indies … Read more