British Empire Map: 1921 Colonial Peak

  The above map shows the peak of British imperialism in the early 1920s. It shows the colonies owned by the British. The British Empire is considered one of the largest that ever existed. The British colonies in the Americas, both North and South, include: Canada (including Newfoundland) Bermuda island Bahama islands British West Indies … Read more

Regions of Europe: Continent Map & Geography

The map above shows the geographical regions of Europe. This map is known as a geopolitical map. It shows the legal borders set by every country. First, the northern European region, marked in blue. Eight countries comprise this region. These include: Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Denmark Denmark has a territory named Greenland. … Read more

Pangea Map: Current International Borders & Size

The map above is that of the supercontinent Pangea.  Pangea is a large, single landmass measuring more than 57 million kilometers long. It is surrounded by a massive ocean called Panthalassa. Its name is also spelled Pangaea, with an extra letter “a” in the middle. Its name is from the Greek term for “all the … Read more