Greenland Without Ice Map

Map by Reddit user Arthur_Sebastian_703

This is a map of Greenland, and how it would look like without the ice caps that cover most of the island. Greenland is located near Canada (North America) and Iceland (Europe) but is actually part of Denmark (Europe).

As shown on the map, Greenland without ice reveals several landforms, some that are low, and several of them are high and mountainous. Meanwhile, the central part of the region shows a large body of water.

Britannica says that ice in the region can measure around 5,000-10,000 feet (1,500-3,000 meters) thick and that it wraps almost all of the island’s total land area. A 2017 report by the BBC says Greenland has an annual ice meltdown of 260 billion tonnes, which would eventually result in sea levels increasing.

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