Where the United States is Uninhabited

This map of the United States, entitled “Nobody Lives Here”, highlights areas in the country that are uninhabited. The areas highlighted in green are those without people living in them. This is measured in units called blocks, defined as “the smallest area unit used by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating statistics”. Out of more … Read more

Highest Ranking Official in Each U.S. State

This is a map of the United States, where it shows the highest-ranking official that each state has given, according to the U.S. presidential line of succession. 19 states have produced the highest official of the land – the President of the United States. The 46th President, Joe Biden, hails from the state of Delaware. … Read more

U.S. Ethnic Majorities by County Map

This is a map of the United States corresponding to each county’s predominant ethnic group. An overwhelming majority of U.S. counties have a Caucasian-dominant community (marked in orange). The Hispanic/Latin society (bronze) is the second-most dominant, with a large presence in the southwestern U.S. states, as well as in a few counties in Washington, Kansas, … Read more

Panama Canal Map

The map above is that of the Panama Canal. Measuring about 50 miles wide, it is located in the Central American country of Panama. It connects two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean in the north, and the Pacific Ocean in the south. It is being used by ships to significantly shorten the travel distance to their destinations. … Read more

The 100 Smallest Countries in the World

Shown above is a pictogram of the 100 smallest countries in the world.  The maps of every listed country are listed in three ways, depending on their land area. Many of them are shown to scale, but in the case of very small countries, their maps are magnified accordingly. Vatican City is the smallest country … Read more

A Map of Lithuania Made of Magnets

The map shown above is an artistic map of the European country of Lithuania. Its illustration is actually a part of the country’s tourism campaign in 2018, entitled “Surink Lietuva”, which means “Collect Lithuania”. This project encourages tourists to visit every corner of the country. You are probably asking, what’s there to collect? The answer: … Read more

Prefectures Map of Japan

Shown above is the Japan prefecture map. It is a map of Japan that is separated by regions which, in turn, are separated by prefectures. Prefectures are similar to provinces or states in other countries.  The East Asian country’s prefectures are marked on the map by symbols and emblems. Reddit user u/chaosof99 notes that most … Read more