A Map of Lithuania Made of Magnets

Map by Reddit user greycoconut

The map shown above is an artistic map of the European country of Lithuania.

Its illustration is actually a part of the country’s tourism campaign in 2018, entitled “Surink Lietuva”, which means “Collect Lithuania”. This project encourages tourists to visit every corner of the country.

You are probably asking, what’s there to collect? The answer: collectible magnets. These decorative magnets depict each Lithuanian city or municipality. Each magnet tells a narrative relating to each of its 60 towns.

The exciting part here is that each magnet is only available in their respective cities or municipalities, making their country’s tourism message very effective!

A press release from the website of the country’s capital city, Vilnius, says that you will be able to form the Lithuania map after visiting all 60 cities, purchasing their corresponding magnets, and placing them all together. (Hint: Vilnius is located in the southeast, so that’s somewhere in the yellow zone on the magnetic map.)

Lithuania’s then-tourism chief applauded this measure, stating that “traveling across the country and discoveries in the regions is a real magnet for tourists.”

Reddit user u/greycoconut is one of the lucky and adventurous ones who managed to successfully piece together all parts of the Lithuanian magnetic map; their work is the one featured above.

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