Botswana Pixel Art Map

This is a map of Botswana, a country in southern Africa. The landlocked country has a land area of 224,607 square miles (581,730 square kilometers), according to Britannica. You may also like: Lonely Planet Botswana & Namibia (Multi Country Guide) Botswana Safari Guide: Okavango Delta, Chobe, Northern Kalahari Botswana – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide … Read more

U.S. Federal Lands Map

This U.S. map shows how much of each state is federal-owned land. State-owned land is dominant in the Western states, as well as in Alaska. Nevada has the most federally-owned property at 85 percent. Conversely, Rhode Island and Connecticut have the fewest, at just 0.4 percent each. You may also like: The Roots of the … Read more

Belgium Map: Belgian Communities & Regions

This is a map of Belgium and its divisions. The Western European country is divided into three major regions.  The northern area is the Flanders (Flemish) region. The southern area is the Walloon (Wallonia) region. In the middle of the Flemish region sits the Brussels capital region. In terms of communities, Belgium is also distributed … Read more

Switzerland Shaded Relief Map

This is a map of Switzerland. This relief map is colored according to the country’s bicolor flag: the high mountains are in white, and the lowlands are in red. ThoughtCo’s profile of the country lists several landmarks. The large white area in the south is the Swiss Alps mountain range. The smaller mountainous area in … Read more

Romania Shaded Relief Map

This is a map of Romania, a country in southeastern Europe. On the map, Romania’s landforms are colored like the country’s flag. The lowlands are in blue and the high mountains are in red. Areas with a 250 to 500-meter elevation, such as plains and plateaus, are marked in yellow. According to Romania Tourism, part … Read more

Vietnam Topographic Map

This is a map of Vietnam, where it is shaded according to the colors of the country’s flag. The lowlands are marked in red, and the high areas are in yellow. The U.S. Library of Congress notes that the socialist state contains “tropical lowlands, hills, and densely forested highlands” with highlands in the north and … Read more

Ireland Shaded Relief Map

This is a map of the Republic of Ireland. It is colored according to the country’s flag.  The lowlands are marked in green. Those covered in white represent a plain separated by hills, according to the NASA Earth Observatory. The orange areas of the map represent the high, mountainous areas. NASA says that each of … Read more

Austria Raised-Relief Map

Shown above is a map of Austria, which is located in central Europe. This map is a raised-relief map, which is a 3D map that places emphasis on a country’s terrain.  The map is colored in red and white, just like the bicolor Austrian flag. White represents the high mountains, and red is for the … Read more

Mexico’s Afro-Mexican Population Map

Shown above is a map of Mexico. Each state is shaded according to its population of Afro-Mexicans, blacks, or afrodescendientes (afro descendants), based on the country’s 2020 population and housing census.  Reddit user u/stvmty says an afro descendant “includes anyone who [self-identifies]” as one. They added that it is a person’s choice to be identified as one … Read more

Ethiopia Topographic Map

The map above is that of Ethiopia, a country located in Eastern Africa. A profile from the U.S. Library of Congress notes that Ethiopia’s topography, or landform features, includes a very high plateau in the central part of the country. This separates the highlands (the green part of the map) and the lowlands (the sand-like … Read more