Mexico’s Afro-Mexican Population Map

Map by Mapateísmo

Shown above is a map of Mexico. Each state is shaded according to its population of Afro-Mexicans, blacks, or afrodescendientes (afro descendants), based on the country’s 2020 population and housing census. 

Reddit user u/stvmty says an afro descendant “includes anyone who [self-identifies]” as one. They added that it is a person’s choice to be identified as one or not, even if they have African roots.

Afro-Mexicans are most dominant in the state of Guerrero, with 8.58 percent of its people identifying as such. Oaxaca has the second-most black population in Mexico, at 4.71 percent.

Two Mexican states, Baja California Sur and Yucatán, have a 3 percent Afro-Mexican population. Four states have this population in the 2 percent range, and most other states have at least 1 percent of their people identifying as afro descendants.

Three states have the lowest Mexican black population at just less than 1 percent each: Nayarit, Durango, and Zacatecas.

The black population in Mexico as a whole stands at 2.04 percent.

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