British Isles Map: Super Mario World Style UK

Map by Reddit user Sir_Lazz

The map you see above is that of the British Isles. The Isles comprise two large island countries: the United Kingdom (UK, right) and the Republic of Ireland (left). This map is drawn in the style of the 1990 video game Super Mario World.

The two yellow stars on the map represent each nation’s capital city: Dublin in Ireland, and London in the UK. The red and orange dots, meanwhile, depict other major cities of both countries.

On the map, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are shown as separated by a small river. In real life, the two Irish areas aren’t disconnected by any body of water. This is just an artistic depiction of a geographical border between Ireland and the UK, to which Northern Ireland is a constituent country.

You’ll notice that there is a line in the middle, which connects the Northern Irish city of Belfast (orange dot on the left) to the English city of Liverpool (red dot on the right). This is one of the many connecting channels within the Irish Sea. Above that line is a small island called the Isle of Man, which is self-governing but with a little help from the British.

There is another line beneath the map. The imaginary line, which connects the city of Plymouth in the UK (red dot) to the islands of Guernsey and Jersey (orange dot), is meant to represent the English Channel.

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