Countries Visited by Ibn Battuta in the 14th Century

This world map shows the country visited by the 14th-century scholar and traveler Ibn Battuta. According to Britannica, Ibn Battuta first made his travels in order to fulfill the mandatory Islamic pilgrimage of hajj. He also journeyed in search of better educational opportunities. His journeys are immortalized in a book named Rihlah (Travels). Throughout his … Read more

World’s Speed Limits Map

This world map shows the maximum driving speed limits in every country. Both speed limits are shown in kilometers per hour (kph, left) and miles per hour (mph, right). Each nation has its own maximum speed limits, ranging from 70 kph (45 mph) all the way to 140 kph (85 mph). In countries such as … Read more

Global Video Gaming Market Map

This world map depicts the state of the global video gaming market in 2019, based on a report published by Newzoo. In that year, the United States and China made up half of the world’s gaming industry revenue. The U.S. leads as the country with the most earning at US$36.9 million. China comes in second … Read more

World’s Highest Centenarian Populations Map

This world map shows the countries that have the highest percentage of a centenarian population, or people who are 100 years of age or older. Eight countries and territories are marked on the map: three from the Americas (Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay), three from Europe (Spain, France, and Italy), and two from Asia (Hong … Read more

Global Paid Vacations Map

This world map shows each country’s number of government-mandated paid vacation time for workers. Apparently, paid time off is aplenty in South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Many of these countries have at least 16 days of mandated off time to as much as a whole month. Data compiled by USA Today show that 14 … Read more

Global Sugar Consumption Per Capita Map

This world map shows each country’s average sugar consumption per capita (i.e. per person). Sugar consumers are quite high in many countries, especially in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.  The International Sugar Organization reported in 2018 that in terms of million metric tonnes, India is the largest sugar-producing country, the largest sugar-consuming … Read more

Global Sexual Orientation Laws Map

This world map shows how each country treats its own LGBTQ+ community by way of legislation if there are any.  Countries marked in shades of blue have laws of varying degrees that protect the community from being discriminated against due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE). Additionally, some of these countries mandate … Read more

Apple Music vs. Spotify: The Cheaper Option in Each Country

This world map shows whether Apple Music or Spotify Premium is the cheaper subscription-based music streaming option in each country. Besides the actual subscription cost, SavingSpot also considered each country’s standard of living and average monthly salary. Countries shaded in red mean Apple Music is cheaper there, and blue if Spotify Premium is more affordable. … Read more

China’s Trading Partners Maps

The maps below illustrate the largest trading partners of the People’s Republic of China. These only show countries that have an import, export, or trade balance of US$1 billion or more. China’s Biggest Imports South Korea is the biggest importer in China, having sent $203 billion worth of imported products to the mainland. It is … Read more

Global Literacy Rate by Age Group

These maps of the world show the rate of literacy between two age groups: (1) those 15-24 years of age; and (2) those 65 years old and above, based on UNESCO data.  For the younger generation, the literacy rate is high in most areas of the world, except in several African countries. The 65+ age … Read more