World Flood Risk Map

The above map of the world shows how floods can be devastating to the population of each country.  The Countries With The Highest Flood Risk This study of 188 countries published by Nature Communications, as visualized by the business website Visual Capitalist, lists two categories:  Countries exposed to floods ranked by the percentage of the … Read more

Japan Population Density Map

This is an illustrative map of Japan featuring the population density of each area. The taller the blocks, the more people live in that particular section. Worldometer notes that in 2020, Japan had a population of 126.4 million people. This is 400,000 less than the previous year and is the fifth consecutive time since 2015 … Read more

Indonesia Population Density Map

This is a map of Indonesia. Each area is highlighted according to its number of people per square kilometer (sq km). High-density areas, marked by dark shades of red, are scattered throughout the country. The southern island of Java has the most areas with dense populations. Java is where the country’s capital, Jakarta, is located, … Read more