Japan Population Density Map

Map by Alasdair Rae

This is an illustrative map of Japan featuring the population density of each area. The taller the blocks, the more people live in that particular section.

Worldometer notes that in 2020, Japan had a population of 126.4 million people. This is 400,000 less than the previous year and is the fifth consecutive time since 2015 that the country’s population has decreased. Their data also projects that Japan’s population will lessen even further by a few million in five-year intervals, owing to low birth rates and an aging population.

The country’s capital, Tokyo (in the center of the map), is the prefecture with the densest population. There are more than 6,100 people who occupy each square kilometer (sq km) of the capital, according to data from the nation’s Population Census provided by Statistics Japan.

In the nearby west is Osaka, the second densest prefecture in terms of people, at about 4,600 people/sq km. Tokyo’s neighboring Kanagawa prefecture comes third with a rate of 3,700 persons/sq km. Four other prefectures also have at least 1,000 inhabitants/sq km.

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