U.S. Power Outages During the February 2021 Winter Storm

Map by PowerOutage.US

This is a map of the United States detailing the severity of power outages for each county during the winter storm that hit North America in mid-February 2021, as recorded by PowerOutage.US. This particular data was recorded in the early morning of Monday, February 15, 2021.

The state of Texas was the worst hit during the storm in terms of electricity. Power interruptions were reported in over two million households in the southern state, in what is described as one of the largest power outages in American history. Some counties are reporting as low as a 10 percent outage (yellow) to a total blackout in a few (dark red) during that point.

Oregon comes at a very distant second, with over 290,000 customers left without power. Virginia is the only other state that had more than 100,000 homes sans electricity during the destructive blizzard.

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