World’s Forests Map

This map shows the amount of forest land by percentage in every country. The world forest map is part of the Global Forest Resource Assessment by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). A handful of countries have mostly forested land, with a proportion of 71 to 100 percent. These countries include: Guyana, Suriname, … Read more

The 100 Smallest Countries in the World

Shown above is a pictogram of the 100 smallest countries in the world.  The maps of every listed country are listed in three ways, depending on their land area. Many of them are shown to scale, but in the case of very small countries, their maps are magnified accordingly. Vatican City is the smallest country … Read more

The World’s Oldest Schools Map

The world map above shows each country’s oldest school that is still open today. The majority of the world’s oldest learning institutions were built from 1751 onwards (marked in yellow). Those with their oldest schools created from 1501 to 1750 (red) and the ones completed from 500 to 1250 AD (dark blue) are just as … Read more

Drone Privacy Laws World Map

This world map shows how drones are regulated in every country. Drones are flying gadgets that usually have small cameras installed for recreational, informational, or surveillance purposes. Nowadays, drone makers are becoming creative, repurposing them for the delivery of food and essential items, among many uses. Many countries have their own legislation regarding drones. A … Read more

Compulsory Education per Country in Years

The map shown above shows the years of education across the world. Each country’s color corresponds to their years of compulsory education, where the darker the shade of green, the more years of required schooling. This data on education by country is based on those published by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, re-published by the … Read more

Every Country’s Tourism Slogan

The world map above shows the tourism slogans for each country. The map was made in 2016 by Family Break Finder, a family-oriented holiday website based in the United Kingdom. The site’s founder, Dominic Sawyer, said that the country slogan map “is an intriguing view of tourism marketing around the world, with its mix of … Read more

Half of the World’s Population is in the Red

The world map above depicts the distribution of the world’s total population. The map says that half of the world’s population is marked in red, and the other half is in the blue zone. According to Worldometer, there are over 7.835 billion people in the world and counting. Let’s focus first on the nations marked … Read more

Average Sleep Duration

The world map above highlights the average bedtime of each country. Seven countries belong to the highest sleep time average of 7 hours and 30 minutes or above. These countries are: Ireland United Kingdom Finland The Netherlands Belgium Australia New Zealand In this normal sleep cycle graph, it is revealed that New Zealand is the … Read more

Countries with Abrahamic and Non-Abrahamic Religions

Shown above is the Abrahamic religions map. This shows which countries in the world predominantly practice an Abrahamic religion, shown in red, and those who do not, marked in blue. The Abrahamic religions include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the Bahá’i Faith. Meanwhile, the non-Abrahamic religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism. As seen on the map, … Read more