Global Literacy Rate by Age Group

These maps of the world show the rate of literacy between two age groups: (1) those 15-24 years of age; and (2) those 65 years old and above, based on UNESCO data.  For the younger generation, the literacy rate is high in most areas of the world, except in several African countries. The 65+ age … Read more

The World’s Oldest Schools Map

The world map above shows each country’s oldest school that is still open today. The majority of the world’s oldest learning institutions were built from 1751 onwards (marked in yellow). Those with their oldest schools created from 1501 to 1750 (red) and the ones completed from 500 to 1250 AD (dark blue) are just as … Read more

Compulsory Education per Country in Years

The map shown above shows the years of education across the world. Each country’s color corresponds to their years of compulsory education, where the darker the shade of green, the more years of required schooling. This data on education by country is based on those published by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, re-published by the … Read more