U.S. Federal Lands Map

This U.S. map shows how much of each state is federal-owned land. State-owned land is dominant in the Western states, as well as in Alaska. Nevada has the most federally-owned property at 85 percent. Conversely, Rhode Island and Connecticut have the fewest, at just 0.4 percent each. You may also like: The Roots of the … Read more

South Africa Population Heat Map

This is a map of South Africa detailing the population density in each of the country’s provinces. More than 59 million people live in South Africa, according to Worldometer.  Statista estimates that some 15 million of them are in the Gauteng province. This is where two major cities are located: Pretoria, the country’s seat of … Read more

European Alps Mountain Range Map

This is a map of the Alps mountain range in Europe. The Alps pass through eight nations in Europe: France, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. Mont Blanc is the Alps’ highest point. Shared between France, Italy, and Switzerland, its peak is at 15,780 feet (4,810 meters). You may also like: The Alps: … Read more

World’s Highest Performing Healthcare Systems

This world map depicts the countries that have the best- and worst-performing healthcare systems, as ranked by the World Health Organization. The countries deemed as having the best healthcare sector are shaded in dark blue. These include a number of countries in Europe, some island nations off the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as … Read more

Vegetarianism in India Map

This is a map of India indicating the states that have more vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Six Indian states have a population that is mostly vegetarian: Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. The rest of India is actually non-vegetarian, with around 70 percent of the population, according to data gathered by ED Times. … Read more

Global Plastic Waste Emission Map

This world map shows the countries that contribute the most plastic in our oceans during the year 2019. The Philippines has the most plastic waste emitted, at 36 percent. Seven of the country’s rivers also contributed the most plastic waste. Asia is the continent with the most plastic waste emission, at over 80 percent. You … Read more

Europe Map: Europe’s Trust in Healthcare Workers

This map of Europe shows the share of each country’s population who believe in their doctors and nurses. Data gathered by Our World in Data shows that Norway has the most trust in their healthcare workers, at 98.2 percent. Most European nations approve of their frontline health workers. The lowest approval rating comes from Albania, … Read more

World’s Bike Helmet Laws Map

This world map shows how each country regulates the use of helmets when riding a bicycle. Many of the world’s countries do not have legal restrictions in donning safety helmets. Other countries have rules of varying degrees concerning these life-saving gears. Bike helmets are completely mandatory in only a few countries, including Argentina, Finland, Namibia, … Read more

Catholic Dioceses in the Philippines

This is a map of the Philippines detailing the country’s Roman Catholic dioceses. UCA News notes that there are over 60 dioceses in the Southeast Asian nation. More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholics, making the Philippines one of the largest Catholic-majority countries. You may also like: SIMBAHAN: An Illustrated Guide to 50 of … Read more

Iran Map: Regional Persian Rug Designs

This is a map of Iran, covered in some of the unique designs of the country’s famed Persian rugs or carpets. RugKnots notes that Iranian rugs are of high quality due to their appealing designs and their hand-made nature. From its existence centuries ago, the rugs’ design has even branched out to the fashion industry, … Read more