U.S. National Parks Map

This U.S. map shows the states and territories that have at least one national park. There are over 60 national parks in the country. They are located within 30 U.S. states, in addition to the territories of American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Idaho, Tennessee, and North Carolina share their parks with a neighboring … Read more

World’s Most Spoken Languages Map

This illustrated world map shows the most commonly spoken languages in major parts of the world. English is the most spoken language, with over 1 billion users. However, Babbel notes that English only ranks third in terms of native speakers (over 370 million people), but is the most-used as a second language (over 750 million … Read more

Cyprus Map

This is an aerial map of Cyprus, taken aboard the European Space Agency satellite Sentinel-2. The island country is located within the Mediterranean Sea. Britannica notes that the nation of over a million people has a total land area of just 3,572 square miles (9,251 square kilometers). Cyprus boasts of various land features, including beaches, … Read more

Sardinia Map

This is an aerial map of the island of Sardinia, part of Italy, as seen from the International Space Station. Sardinia, located west of the Italian mainland off the Tyrrhenian Sea, has a land area of 9,301 square miles (24,090 square meters), according to Britannica. The island is dominantly mountainous. Its highest point is the … Read more

Finland Topography Map

This is a topographic map of Finland, one of the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe. The republic of over 5.5 million residents has a total land area of 150,928 square miles (390,903 square kilometers), according to Britannica.  Finland boasts a landscape of mostly forests. The country’s highest peak is Mount Halti, which stands at 4,357 … Read more

Africa’s Import Sources Map

This map of Africa shows each country’s largest import sources. The European Union is the most preferred importer of the majority of African nations. The other leading countries importing to Africa are India, China, and the continent’s very own South Africa. The western African country of Liberia gets most of its imports from Singapore. Meanwhile, … Read more

World’s Parliament Seating Arrangements Map

This world map shows how each country’s legislature is seated. Depending on a nation’s parliament, congress, or the like, there are five seating arrangements observed: a semicircle, a horseshoe, a circle, opposing benches, and a classroom. For instance, the United States House of Representatives applies a semicircle layout. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, has an opposing … Read more

Asia’s Skyscrapers Map

This is a map of Asia detailing the number of skyscrapers in every country. With over 3,400 skyscrapers, mainland China has the most high-rise buildings in Asia. In fact, half of the top ten Asian cities with the most skyscrapers are found in China, led by the city of Shenzhen. It is also in Asia … Read more

Spain Shaded Relief Map

This is a shaded relief map of Spain. The European country has a total land area of 195,346 square miles (505,944 square kilometers), according to Britannica. The kingdom boasts various plains and mountain ranges.  ThoughtCo notes that the nation’s highest peak is found outside of the mainland. It is the Pico de Teide (Teide Peak) … Read more