Half of the World’s Population is in the Red

Map by Reddit user TheWorldIsATrap

The world map above depicts the distribution of the world’s total population. The map says that half of the world’s population is marked in red, and the other half is in the blue zone.

According to Worldometer, there are over 7.835 billion people in the world and counting.

Let’s focus first on the nations marked in red on the map, all of which are Asian countries. Here they are, listed in order from the most to least populated:

  • People’s Republic of China (except the Tibet and Xinjiang regions): 1.417 billion
  • India: 1.387 billion
  • Pakistan: 223.1 million
  • Bangladesh: 165.5 million
  • Indonesia’s Java Island (except Jakarta): 135.4 million
  • Japan: 126.2 million
  • Philippines: 110.3 million
  • Vietnam: 97.78 million
  • Republic of Korea (South Korea): 51.27 million
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea): 25.78 million
  • Republic of China (Taiwan): 23.82 million
  • Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands: 1.39 million

The total population of these countries is 3.764 billion. 

That leaves about 3.781 billion people living in the areas marked in blue, which includes: 

  • all of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica
  • the rest of Asia

Some of the largest countries by population in this zone include the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, and Mexico. These five countries are part of the top ten most populated countries in the world.

You can read more about the accounts of the three most populated countries in the world through these books:

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