U.S. Palm Trees Map

This is a map of the United States relative to the existence of native palm trees, specifically, from the Arecaceae plant family. The state of Florida has more palm trees than any other U.S. state, with as many as five species found in most of the Sunshine State. It is in the southern part of … Read more

World’s Forests Map

This map shows the amount of forest land by percentage in every country. The world forest map is part of the Global Forest Resource Assessment by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). A handful of countries have mostly forested land, with a proportion of 71 to 100 percent. These countries include: Guyana, Suriname, … Read more

Largest U.S. Lakes Map

The map shown above is that of the United States. It depicts the largest lake in each U.S. state which exclusively belongs to that state. The largest lake belonging to just one state is Utah’s Great Salt Lake, measuring 1,700 square miles (sq mi). The Iliamna Lake in Alaska comes at a close second, with … Read more