United States Map: Spotify’s Most-Played American Artists

Map by StatsPanda

This map of the United States shows the most-played artists who are based in the country on the music streaming app Spotify. 

Each of the 50 U.S. states shows the most-played artist or band who is born or based in that particular state, as elaborated by the map’s creator StatsPanda.

Who Are The Most-Played U.S. Artists On Spotify?

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, who is born in Pennsylvania, is the platform’s most-played American artist of all time. 

She has over 37 billion streams across all of her songs on the Swedish-based streaming service. 

That’s despite having a well-known falling out with Spotify in 2014 over royalties that artists receive whenever their songs are being played. This led to the removal of all of her music from the platform; three years later, Swift’s music was reinstated there.

In second place is Florida-born Ariana Grande with over 33 billion all-time Spotify streams. Missouri-born rapper Eminem is in third place with more than 31 billion streams, which also makes him the most-streamed American male solo artist.

The pop rock band Imagine Dragons, whose members first met in Utah, is the most-streamed American group, gathering over 22 billion lifetime plays.

Who Are The Most-Played International Artists On Spotify?

Data gathered from Chartmasters reveals that Canadian rapper Drake is the most-streamed artist on Spotify, amassing over 52 billion plays in the streaming app. 

He is followed by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny (48 billion streams), and British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran (39 billion streams).

Taylor Swift ranks fourth in this all-time list that includes artists from outside the United States. She does have the distinction of being the woman with the greatest number of all-time Spotify plays.

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Rounding up the top five is singer-songwriter The Weeknd, who also hails from Canada, with more than 36 billion streams under his name.

The group with the most lifetime Spotify plays is the South Korean boy band BTS, at 30.1 billion streams. The seven-member group is in 10th place on this all-time list.

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