U.S. Average Snowfall Map

Map by Reddit user Spooderman89

This is a map of the United States showing the average snowfall for each county.

Areas marked in shades of brown experience less snowfall. These include the western and southern states, as well as the state of Hawaii. They are usually mountains, deserts, or tropical in nature.

Meanwhile, counties in the northern states, a few Mountain states, and the state of Alaska have more yearly snowfall. These areas are marked in blue on the map.

In terms of snowfall by state, data from USA.com shows that Vermont is the snowiest state. Located in the northeast, the Green Mountain State has an average snowfall of 89 inches per year. Excluding Hawaii, which gets no snowfall at all, Florida is the least snowy state, with only 0.01 inches of snow on average annually.

Citing NOAA data, Niche.com reports that the snowiest city in the U.S. is Syracuse, New York, with an average snowfall of 123 inches. 

Based on data collected from the National Weather Service, Weather Underground (WU) says that the Donner Peak in California is the snowiest single location in the country, recording between 300 to 400 inches of snow in every 10-year period since the 1900s. WU also says that the 1970s is the snowiest decade in the U.S., with record-high snowfall in 13 specific areas during that decade.

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