Europe Egg Consumption Map

Map by Landgeist

The map of Europe shown above depicts how much the continent consumes eggs as food. This accounts for all types of bird eggs, as well as eggs being included as ingredients in other food products.

A vast majority of these countries consume at least 130 eggs per capita each year, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In fact, the FAO estimates that in 2019-21, there is worth 14.6 kg of eggs per capita that is being consumed in the whole continent.

The Netherlands has the most egg lovers in Europe, with 332 eggs consumed annually per person. Four other European countries consume at least 250 eggs per year: Ukraine (312), Luxembourg (293), Russia (277), and Albania (263).

There are also four countries that consume 120 eggs or less yearly: Croatia (120), Poland (115), Bosnia and Herzegovina (96), and North Macedonia (64).

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