Catholic Dioceses in the Philippines

This is a map of the Philippines detailing the country’s Roman Catholic dioceses. UCA News notes that there are over 60 dioceses in the Southeast Asian nation. More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholics, making the Philippines one of the largest Catholic-majority countries. You may also like: SIMBAHAN: An Illustrated Guide to 50 of … Read more

Satellite Map of Vatican City

Shown above is the satellite map of Vatican City. Said to be the smallest independent country, the Vatican is actually a city-state located inside the city of Rome in Italy. The city-state is the seat of the Holy See, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps the most prominent landmark in the Vatican is … Read more

Countries with Abrahamic and Non-Abrahamic Religions

Shown above is the Abrahamic religions map. This shows which countries in the world predominantly practice an Abrahamic religion, shown in red, and those who do not, marked in blue. The Abrahamic religions include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the Bahá’i Faith. Meanwhile, the non-Abrahamic religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism. As seen on the map, … Read more