Where Penguins Are Found Naturally in the World

Map by Reddit user cheeseface35

The map above highlights where penguins naturally live in the world. These areas are marked on the map in teal.

We usually associate penguins living in one of the coldest places in the world: Antarctica. Yes, these cute, icy animals occupy the whole continent of Antarctica, but there are other places where penguins are also inhabitants.

In South America, penguins live in these countries and territories:

  • all of Chile
  • western Peru
  • Galápagos islands
  • southeastern Argentina
  • Falkland islands

The penguin species that live in the Galápagos islands are the only ones who reside in the Earth’s northern hemisphere; all others live in the southern hemisphere.

Penguins also exist in these areas in Africa:

  • western Namibia
  • the southern part of South Africa

The southern part of Australia and all of New Zealand do house some penguins, too.

There is a discussion if penguins do populate all of Antarctica, given that its coasts and central portion both have dry land where its inhabitants could be prone to death, according to u/treqiheartstrees. Reddit user u/navicula points out that central Antarctica, where the magnetic south pole is located, is actually covered with ice sheets. They also say that penguins are living in the continent’s coastal areas because their food can easily be found in the water.

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