Sardinia Map

This is an aerial map of the island of Sardinia, part of Italy, as seen from the International Space Station. Sardinia, located west of the Italian mainland off the Tyrrhenian Sea, has a land area of 9,301 square miles (24,090 square meters), according to Britannica. The island is dominantly mountainous. Its highest point is the … Read more

Italy Relief Map

This is a relief map of Italy featuring its various landforms. With over 60 million residents, the European nation has a total land area of 116,631 square miles (302,073 square kilometers), according to Britannica. Italy has three mountain ranges: the Alps, the Apennines in Sicily, and a third mountain range in Sardinia island. More than … Read more

Major Italian Industries & Brands Map

The map above is that of Italy. The logos represent companies, businesses, and brands that are proudly Italian. Their location on the map represents which Italian region they originated. Notably, the fashion industry dominates Italian culture. Here are some of the country’s prominent fashion brands: Gucci Dolce & Gabbana Prada Giorgio Armani Salvatore Ferragamo Bulgari … Read more